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Tim Christensen, Certificate in Studio Art, B.Ed. (UC Berkeley)

Christensen first produced art as a child, in his home country, the islands of New Zealand, “Aotearoa”, (The Land Of The Long White Cloud – Maori). This country of soft green hues of forest and farm, gently undulates under a long sheet of life-bringing cloud, surrounded on all sides by dynamic seascapes.

Completing a Certificate In Studio Art at U.C. Berkeley deepened Tim’s appreciation of the work of the Bay Area Figurative School of painters. Like them, his subjects have largely been the human form. His love of the ocean and many years of diving, led him to engage other subjects such as sharks and puffer fish, in larger-scale pieces. Other diversions have been a series based on the images of “Deep Space”, such as have been received from the Hubble scope. His most recent series, entitled “Waves” is inspired by the infamously monstrous waves of Mavericks, on the nearby Northern California coast, where Tim lives.

His paintings are full of bold color, movement and light. The work is often large, always bright, hot and sexy, as is life. This art is impatient and energetic. The brush strokes do not require deep analysis, being emotive and tactile. Pieces are generally “wet”. Some say the paint colors are “fat”, with sloppy, dripping, blazes of color so bright that it immediately captures the viewer.

May this body of work bring you joy, through fresh awakening and warm reassurance. Consider an old view, anew.